Zipsure Insurance Brokers Ltd

Primary Contact Victoria Thornbury
Supplier Address 3390 South Service Rd., Burlington, ON L7N 3J5
Phone 289-456-1159

About Us
At we think differently than a typical insurance company. We believe insurance should be simple, accessible and affordable. This is why we created ZipTenant. ZipTenant is the first of many insurance offerings to be included on

All insurance policies are completely, 100%, self-purchased and self-managed by you, in the comfort of your own home through our website. There is no need to visit, no phone calls from pushy salespeople, no commissions to pay an agent, and no pressure to purchase coverage or the options you don’t want or need.

ZipTenant: Landlord approved is approved and recommended by more landlords than any other tenants insurance program in Canada. We work with property managers and building owners to gather all the necessary information about their buildings before a tenant visits our site to purchase. This way, the tenant only needs to know their address. No annoying calls to the landlord to gather a bunch of construction information. Simple, complete quotes, issued with 100% accuracy, every time.

As a bonus, will let any registered property owner or manager know which of their apartment units have insurance and which do not. Of course, only the basic necessary details are shared. No personal information is given to a landlord.