Harold & Goetz Building Products

Primary Contact Rick Evens
Supplier Address 63 Wharfe St Brentford ON N3T 5N9
Phone 519-752-6512
Email info@haroldandgoetz.com
Website http://www.haroldandgoetz.com/

We’re a local, family-owned home roofing contractors company who is committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivering first-rate installations, and stocking only the best products.

Harold & Goetz Building Products staff love to help their customers to think outside of the box. When people come in with basic ideas for projects at home or at work, we help them to refine those ideas and direct them to the most appropriate products to help them to meet their goals. Staff will even give customers tips on exactly how to do at-home work themselves. Harold & Goetz Building Products’ services include roofing for residential and commercial properties, as well as window and door installations.The store carries all of the standard building and construction supplies, with a wide stock of lumber, plywood, drywall, insulation, hardware, fasteners, trim, and all of the basic home maintenance supplies.

We take pride in being the best roofing company in the area. As a Brantford-based and Brantford-staffed business, Harold & Goetz Building Products holds true to its goal of helping the local community to meet is construction-based needs. Honesty, integrity, and fair prices are Harold & Goetz Building Products’ best qualities.