Go Beyond Collection Agency

Primary Contact Greg Maitinsky
Supplier Address Suite 201, 100 Main St E
Phone 905 546 1212 EX 225
Email info@gobeyondcollect.com
Website http://gobeyondcollect.com

Our approach focuses on superior results coupled with full communication and reporting solutions. Here is how we serve you better than our top notch competition:

Unique Approach

COMPLETE OVERSIGHT: Full and unhindered access to our collection system 24/7!

EASE OF ACCOUNTING:Gross cheque arrangement!

REGIMENTED FOLLOW UP:Periodic, pre-arranged follow-up / reporting on-site visits by dedicated representative.

KNOWLEDGABLE COLLECTION REPS: Our team is trained in the unique and very specific aspects of your own business and paperwork.

Clear Perspective

LIVE REPORTING: One touch, on-the-spot reporting.

FINANCIAL CONTROL:Dedicated Trust account with client access!

NUMBERS CLARITY:Dedicated, custom tailored client collection website with up to date statistics and collector blogs on your portfolio.

Simple Solutions

Our solution is engineered for ease of access and ease of use. Our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to maximize your returns and minimize your losses.